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My Doctor & Me is a membership program designed to provide you with the greatest opportunity to live a long and healthy life. Our motto: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” We leverage medical technological advances along with your physician(s) knowledge and experience to assess your risk (likelihood) of future health care problems. Whether high risk or low risk the initial investment is relatively low given the long-term benefit to you in years to come. An individualized “health and wellness plan” outlines the best pathway to achieve the best quality of life for you. Those at lowest risk will have the lowest cost associated with their care because generally all that’s required is maintenance and observation throughout their life. This is the overwhelming majority of people! High risk individuals will use more resources early to fully assess their health risk as well as implementing their prevention plan. High risk individuals will require more frequent maintenance and greater surveillance on the part of their physicians because of their high likelihood of experiencing health problems as they move throughout their lifetime. No matter whether you’re high risk or low risk regular surveillance and maintenance are the keys to long term success of the health & wellness plan. Even when “ life happens “ , having direct access to your physician allows you inform them of these life changes, and your health and wellness plan can be immediately updated or amended.


My Doctor & Me recognizes we are a significant but not the only part of your health care solution. There are other significant areas that will need to be addressed like family, children, hospitalization and chronic disease care. As your life Health and Wellness Plan partner we will assist you at navigating the complexity so that all aspects of your health care and wellness needs can be met, completing your circle of care.


With my doctor and me you now have a doctor in YOUR family!

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Hassle free, no credit check financing options are available with payment plans to fit all budgets. We will work with you to ensure you have a healthy future.

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